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What Next After High School?

You finished high school last year, or even the last five years. Every day, you walk two (2) steps towards your dream career, and then six (6) steps backwards. Everyone has an idea unto what you need to do? Or even what you need to become! No one is

MoE Desk Delivery Statement

TALKING POINTS BY PROF GEORGE MAGOHA, CABINET SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, JANUARY 20, 2021 AT OUR LADY OF FATIMA GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOLThe Ministry is very impressed with the process of delivery of desks to primary and secondary schools unde

Technicals Department

They are the Basic Sciences They include Agriculture Business Studies For example Teaching agriculture in  school classrooms introduces  students to basic scientific procedures and shows them how to apply these lessons


The games department is proud to having progressively posted good results in the school and the region at large in the games areas

School Location

St. James Kiaritha Secondary School is a religious organisation sponsored mixed day school located in Kaguyu Sub location, Kerugoya Location, Central-Kirinyaga Division, Kerugoya/Kutus Constituency in Kirinyaga County. The school code is B20207

Our mission and vision

STATEMENT OF VISION To become a place of excellence where students can achieve full potential in all aspects of life. MISSION STATEMENT To empower all students with knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute and succeed as responsible,

Mathematics Departments

Mathematics as a discipline is an important and beautiful human endeavor. It is an intellectual discipline worthy of study for its artistic and logical form as well as for its ability to help describe and interpret the world around us. To the

Languages Department

Our mission is to initiate the lifelong process of language learning through authentic and purposeful communication and cultural experiences in various settings in order to connect languages to the world and to unique life experiences. Believing


Welcome to Stjames Kiaritha Secondary official website Tender Announcements on the school website will be made here. Please keep checking.

Principals' desk

Greetings to you all. Welcome to St James Kiaritha Secondary, a school that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel. One of the most important decisions that any family makes, is the

School Farm

School gardens planted by students serve as environmental and agricultural educational tools. Planting flowers, potatoes, tomatoes and trees teaches students about how things grow, live and die. Gardens also can help  students develop person

Science Department

The aim of St.James Kiaritha Secondary School’s Science Department is for all of our students to acquire the knowledge and skills of empirical inquiry so that they may better understand and live responsibly in the world God creates. We have


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